by Alfonso Philippot Abeledo
(5th Edition)

The historian Alfonso Philippot Abeledo was born in Vigo –1932- of an italian father and gallician mother. After completing studies in La Coruna, he became a captain of the Merchant Navy.


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During his professional life, he sailed the Caribbean Sea, and is an expert of the so-called ”Columbus route”. His passion for History –mainly centred on the origin of the discoverer Christopher Columbus- was born at early age, but until 1977 he didn’t publish his findings.

In 1982, he was guest speaker at the first “Mariners Summit” organized in Vigo. In 1985, he was invited by José Luis Balbin to take part in the TV program “La Clave”, with other well known figures, such as the professors Ernesto Lunardi, Manuel Ballesteros and Colón de Carvajal.

In 1987, he founded the “Association Pro-Colón Gallego”, located in Port Santo (Pontevedra) and became its president, developing the “Cultural Week” in Poio Monastery, dedicated to the memory of the Discoverer.

In October of 1988, during the “II Cultural Week”, he participated in a passionate debate over the true birthplace of
Columbus with renowned investigators, such as Antonio Verdera and the portuguese Augusto Mascarenhas. The debate, broadcast by Radio Pontevedra, caused a sensation.

In March of 1990, he was invited for a second consecutive year to the commemorative events of the “Day of the Arrival”, organized in Baiona Village, where he gave a conference and presented with great success the photographic exposition “Colón gallego”, opened by the President of the Galician Goverment, Excmo. Señor Don Manuel Fraga Iribarne.

In October of 1991, he published the first edition of his book, “The identity of Christopher Columbus”. The event took place at the Poio Monastery, and was presented by Jose Antonio Perozo, former Director of the Cultural Area of the Galician Television, with the assistance of the mexican born Ilustrísimo Señor Don Jorge Bátiz Echavarría y Colón de Portugal, descendant of the Discoverer.

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Palace of the Delegation. Pontevedra

In March of 1992, the second edition of his book was published. The presentation was held by the historian D. Carlos Xixirei. Since then, Alfonso Philippot has participated in numerous events; including conferences in the Tudenses Studies Institute (July the first of 1992), in the Galleguian Center of Madrid (September 1992), in the Pontevedra Provincial Palace (October 1992), in the “Círculo de Artesanos de La Coruña” (December 1992), in the “Ferpalia Exposition”(September 1993), in the “Liceo Casino” of Pontevedra (October 1993), etc.

The third edition of his book was presented in the University of Vigo by the news broadcaster and investigator D.Gerardo González Martín, in November of 1994.

In February of 1995, he gave a conference in Barcelona, invited by the “Association of Galician Managers from Catalonia”; and two days later, in the “Galician Center of Lérida”.


In September of 1995, he held a conference in the University of Madrid, in the presence of the Duke of Veragua, Don Cristóbal Colón de Carvajal y Gorosabel, the duke of Sotomayor, Don Ignacio Martínez de Irujo, and other personalities.

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In October 1997, he presented the fourth edition of “The identity of Christopher Columbus” and the documentary “Light for an enigma”, held at the Vigo Financial Club, and sponsored by the Official Chamber of Commerce.
In October 1999, invited by the Cultural Center of the Navy, he held a conference in the city of Ferrol. In October 2001, he held another conference in the Pontevedra Provincial Palace, under the title of “Santa Maria, la Gallega”, in presence of the consular authorities.

The 21st of November 2003, he presents the 5th edition of his book, at the Talaso Atlantic Hotel, and a new version of his documentary in DVD.